Jordan Hass (jordan_hass) wrote in jimmy_carr,
Jordan Hass

Second Series of Distraction Came on Comedy Central This Week

very awesome work with Jimmy Carr. with the distractions this week:
"Catapults"-Pies/Ketchup/Gunk are smashed into the contestant's faces as they answered questions about "Men With Beards"
"Clothespegs"-The More Clothespens on their faces at the end get 5 bonus points, the category was "Things with Marks"
and finally
"Tattoo" The contestants had to get 4 correct answers correctly while being tattooed. or they will leave with half finished designs.

JIMMY'S WARNING: Getting a tattoo from a shared needle may cause the fallowing
*Hepatitus B
*Hepatitus C
*and a bunch of other blood borned diseases

the final round is almost identical as the "Toasted Money" round from the UK Version of the show, only due to united states law banning the burning of us currency (But its okay if its $100 bills and crack)insted of Burning Money, we can spend the time to SMASH PRIZES

3 Great Prizes- A Scooter, A Widescreen Television, and A Macintosh Computer were at stake, and each question had 2 parts, get both right within the 30 seconds, and the prizes were saved, get them wrong, and a ONE-TON BARREL will smash the prizes.

This Will be a great season.

-Jordan Hass
"Jimmy Carr Fan"
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