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Jimmy Carr Live - Joke Technician

Went And Saw Jimmy Carr Live Last Night!!
Was Great :D
The show was great, he was so funny.
I was a little annoyed when watching the show, because of the lady sitting in front of me who kept moving her head and covering up Jimmy.

Anyways after the show he was signing programmes and posters etc but not posing for photos :(
Still managaed to get some photos of him while i was queing.
P.S. When i was queing i was well neverous about meeting him, like having a miny heart attack like the fangirl i am :D
Shame i couldn't get a photo with him that would have made my day even better
But still got to meet him, he signed my poster and my programme

Yes it does say "Fuck Off My Darling Sarah" I will start to develop a small collection of these soon, so far i've got it from Russell Howard and now Jimmy Carr.
When i went up to him i was with my dad and Jimmy looked extremely confused and we did explain his my dad lol
Then once he signed my poster and programme, i asked him if i could have a hug he said yes
And where i was so happy about it, i think i might have properly gone for the hug, borderline attack :D
Then, classic Jimmy, he said we can't go any further your dads standing right there which made me giggle
Anyways great night and was SO HAPPY about meeting Jimmy
He is SO nice in person, but we already knew that :)
Pictures behind the cut :D

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